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Glen Candy
20:18 08 Apr 24
My wife and I left Selwyn College on 7 April 2024 having had a real WordPress workout and learning a great deal about what the software offers and the endless possibilities it presents for the creation of websites.We were impressed by David's concern to lay down a solid platform to help us understand key concepts like basic settings, themes, plugins and widgets and what theme providers offer (like Avada) before moving into action mode. He is very welcoming of questions and able to provide thoughtful answers which novices can understand. It takes skill and genuine kindness and a huge amount of energy (and voicebox!) to do this - being constantly on the ‘go' as he works around the room.David's enthusiasm and passion for WordPress really shone over the two days. He clearly enjoys working with people who are taking (in many cases) their first stumbling steps and that was gratifying.A two day course is a big investment of time for students but it is certainly as much a bootcamp for the presenter as for the class and David gave it everything! The fact that the workbook has been through 20 revisions (admittedly over a number of years) speaks to this huge commitment to doing the very best he can. He shows genuine concern and enthusiasm for student learning and that is infectious. It's clear that he too is a learner and is constantly refining his approach.Well done David!
Andrea Candy
03:46 08 Apr 24
David is both a people-person and a technical person which made him an ideal tutor for his Website Bootcamp I attended in Auckland. He is able to explain complex concepts in simple language as well as guide novices through the detailed processes of constructing a website, all with kindness, patience and understanding. Thank you David.
Sudhir Rajagopalan
21:16 27 Mar 21
I enjoyed David's full day course at Selwyn College on 27th March 2021 on how to start an online business.He is an excellent tutor,very kind and very helpful. He is very knowledgeable. I strongly recommend his courses for those interested in setting up and maintaining an online business
Shavourn Nelson
05:58 25 Jun 20
I attended David's SEO for Small Business last weekend and have been raving about since. It was fantastic to gain an understanding of how Google works and what I can do myself instead of paying someone else to optimise my website. David explained it all well. Everyone should do this course.
Rachel McInnes
19:30 24 Nov 19
Loved the Adwords course, so much information is out there but without a good foundation you get so lost. This gave me that foundation I needed. Definitely recommended.
petrice tarrant
21:10 08 Nov 19
I attended David's WP Bootcamp Course in the weekend and I learnt far more than I ever thought possible in two days! I went in seriously lacking confidence not to mention skill in navigating WordPress. I left feeling motivated and equipped with a sound knowledge base to crack on with. David managed to tailor the course to each of our individual needs by stepping in where required and letting us explore and develop on our own when we felt comfortable. I'm holding out for his SEO class and hopefully an advanced WP Bootcamp course so I can further develop my skills! I can not recommend his course highly enough!
Matthew Kirkham
03:27 05 Mar 19
I recently attended the SEO course run by David. He thoroughly took us through the important factors to help get our website rank organically on google. In a world where there are so many cowboys and crooks in the SEO arena who simply want to sign people up to exorbitant ongoing monthly plans for them to undertake very simple and minimal work for the money you pay, this course is well worth it, especially if you're willing to put a bit of time into your own online presence.Best of all, once you know how to do it on one website, nothing is stopping you from your next online business venture.Thanks again David, for your time, knowledge and putting together such an informative course. Also, I'm thankful and very impressed with the extensive course notes we were given for us to take home and continue working on our site.
Gypsy J
07:18 15 Feb 19
What a fantastic opportunity I was given by David when I attended both the SEO course and the WordPress boot-camp. Understanding the Why of performing a task is just as important to me as undertaking the task, and this is the process of how David teaches. From being a complete novice, effectively learning another language to feeling confident in being able to follow and apply the course information presented by David will be a fundamental part of my business success. Thank you David.
Karen Bentley
23:45 14 Jan 19
I recently attended the SEO for small business course run by David Partis and left feeling completely empowered to achieve many tasks we often outsource to "experts" in this field. David ran through a comprehensive course outline with an ease to all levels within the classroom space. I personally would recommend this to any business owner wanting to have a clearer understanding of this area whether it be to do this themselves or understand clearly the brief they require when outsourcing. I look forward to attending more of the courses Web Training Courses have to offer.
Alexandra Wilkinson
23:28 14 Jan 19
Perfect insight into the ins and outs of SEO, I was able to take away so much from the SEO course and put it into action in my own business.
James Gatward
06:27 29 Nov 18
David's SEO course is one of a kind and exceptionally good digging down into the fundamentals of successful SEO. A fantastic and informative day, thank you!
Manny Rosales
05:58 29 Nov 18
What a great value investment taking this course has been. I am new to building sites for my eCommerce business and after a referral from a friend that builds sites, I came along to the web-training SEO course David runs with a fairly open mind as to what I would gain from it. I knew SEO was very technical, so I was worried I wouldn't take much away from it or absorb the content. However, the course was a perfect blend of technical and high level. The way David explains and demonstrates the concepts was easy for me to understand and made it interesting. Would highly recommend for those who want to understand the basics and give them a framework for how to approach SEO with their new/existing business.
lotti kershaw
03:56 05 Nov 18
I attended David’s SEO for Small Business workshop to learn how to increase my website visibility in Google and web searches. His workshop was a great foundation in how Google and search engines work. It was comprehensive and easy to follow, and gave me some great tools and ideas to improve my ranking. He was patient and friendly, and explained SEO without jargon in an easy to understand way. My website ranking started to improve quite considerably after the workshop, even making a few small changes based on David’s teachings and being more targeted in my keywords meant that I was being found more frequently in relevant searches and received more enquiries as a result. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend David Partis and his SEO for Small Business course.
Amy Hooke
02:44 06 Jan 18
My husband and I run a small web design business for the bookkeeping industry. We wanted to improve our clients SEO so they can find more clients. I discovered James in a FB group; I had a technical issue and he responded and generously gave me a call, and some advice.We ended up speaking about his web design business, and I asked "Do you know anyone who teaches SEO?" And he said "Me!" So I booked in for myself, my husband and our employee (website admin assistant).The day was immensely helpful. The course is co-run with James and his colleague David Partis, who is an SEO guru with heaps of real-life examples of his success.We received a big work book full of great information that we could take home with us. And had lots of time to ask David and James all of our curly questions. The course is very affordable and highly recommended by us!You'll definitely get a lot of value out of it. It's sparked a real interest in SEO now and glad to see, as I apply what I learned in my business, that my clients are having more success on Google!Thanks James and David. Great job 🙂
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“David is an excellent presenter who created a relaxed atmosphere and kept participants interested throughout the day working on a complex topic”

“This is just so cool and so good: I learnt so much!! And got all the free SEO to advertise our business.  That’s just brilliant!” Crystal