SEO for Small Business

1-day course

Our course is offered as a beginner SEO course for people keen on learning the basics. Our local SEO training class is geared around covering the main principles that make up the most important factors.

On completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • Learn a bit about Digital Marketing and the difference this makes to our marketing strategy today
  • Learn about the key concepts of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) from an organic perspective ie without purchasing advertising (PPC)
  • Learn about keywords and key-phrases and their deployment
  • Learn about the on-page factors which are related to how a search engine can find your site, title tags, keywords, meta description etc
  • Learn about the off-page factors which are about link optimisation and how to build good anchor links and a varied link profile
  • Learn about the search engine monitoring consoles for Google and Bing and the basics of using Google Analytics for website monitoring


There are no hard and fast pre-requisites for this course, however a basic understanding of computers and in general how to navigate around a browser and general browser navigation is recommended.


The course is designed to appeal to both customers and newcomers to the web-design industry. Ideally beginners to SEO both at the agency or customer level.

For customers who are interested in how things work and how to gain control of their position on the search engine rankings; this course gives background knowledge and understanding of the key terms and concepts of SEO.


Module 1—Digital Marketing Overview

This module covers foundation material on Digital Marketing in general and what website optimisation is. David talks us through his model of Digital Marketing in this day and age and where the relationships between SEO and SEM are and what aspects are important these days.

We learn that how to be found on the internet involves a number of important factors and good design and planning at the beginning is always important.

Module 2—Overview on SEO

This module covers an overview to what makes up the Google Search Engine Results page and a brief overview on what SEO is all about. We cover the 3 main areas of SEO today and an overview of each area.

Module 3—Technical SEO (30%)

This module covers the technical elements of SEO, often called On-Page factors. This focuses on technical and health related areas of SEO and elements such as Meta Tags, including Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions as well as broken links and errors where Google may lower our rankings in the search engine.

Module 4—Content SEO (30%)

This module covers an area of SEO that is often overlooked in SEO training courses. Content SEO covers the research and selection of keywords and comparing competitor information as well as the number of searches per month for specific keyword phrases.

This information enables us to understand what content structure our website should include to be more effective in the search engine.

Module 5—Inbound Links SEO (40%)

This area is often called Off-Page factors and covers the theory on what inbound links are and discussion on what is a good or bad link and what type of link profile to work towards.

Module 6—Website Speed (10%)

This area is becoming more important and we talk about the 6 areas you should focus on to improve your website speed. We look at the Google Speed Insights testing tool and how to use it.

Module 7—Overview on Analytics & Webmaster Consoles

We don’t cover the installation of these but talk about the importance of setting up Google Analytics on your website and the Webmaster Consoles for both Google & BING.


Time: 9am to 5pm

Cost: $250 plus GST

Venue: Quest On Bourke Street—155 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000


What to bring:

You can bring your own Laptop or iPad as we will be connecting to the internet and doing some online research during the class. We can provide a small Lenovo Laptop for you to work on in class if you don’t have one available.

We will provide tea and coffee facilities and there are toilets on site.

Course tutor: David Partis