WordPress Bootcamp

2-day course

This WordPress Training course covers the basics of WordPress as an Open Source Content Management system and basic installation. You will learn how to setup a premium theme, install of a basic set of Plugins, and build a real-life example of a working website.

On completion of this course, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • An introduction to WordPress and understanding of the differences between a WordPress hosted website and a self-hosted website.
  • Introduction to domain names and hosting.
  • Overview of the basic installation process to install WordPress, although we will not be installing WordPress in class due to time constraints. We work off a pre-installed version.
  • How to choose a WordPress theme, install it and modify the header, footer and sidebar areas.
  • Building of a website based using a free WordPress theme.


There are no hard and fast pre-requisites for this course, however a basic understanding of computers and in general Microsoft applications and the use of navigation menus and toolbars is recommended.

Experience with an internet browser would also be of benefit.


The course is designed for beginners to web design who would like to establish a basic website but don’t know where to start.

The course runs for two days and takes you from the beginning explaining website terminology and examples of ways to go about building your own website.



Module 1—Introduction to WordPress

In this module we cover an introduction to WordPress and discuss the differences between
WordPress hosted using www.wordpress.com and self-hosted using www.wordpress.org

Module 2—Configuring WordPress as a Website or Blog

In this module we cover the difference between setting up a WordPress website as a website and as a blog. We discuss the differences between the Posts and Pages and the basic settings of a Blog.

Module 3—Domain Registration, Website Hosting and cPanel

We cover the main points of registering a domain name, what website hosting is and a brief tour
through a cPanel hosting console identifying the main areas that you need to know.

Module 4—Overview of the WordPress Installation from WordPress.org

This module covers the theory on installing WordPress from the downloaded zip file from

Module 5—Basic Settings in WordPress

In this module we configure the main settings in WordPress for date and time zone and permalinks.

Module 6—Managing Themes, Plug-ins and Widgets

We cover the basics of the Avada Premium theme and why we have chosen this one for our
website. We install the theme and install the most important plug-ins and discuss widgets.

Module 7—Building the Lucinda Holiday Rentals WordPress Template

We now go on to build the Lucinda Holiday Rentals template with the header, footer and general
elements that are in the Avada theme that we need to reproduce our website to look like the


Module 8—Building the Content Pages for Lucinda Holiday Rentals Website

We now focus on building all of our required pages, adding in of content from a Word Document.We configure the home page and the general content pages and a contact form if we get time.

Module 9—Preparing for Search Engines

Once our website has been built, we need to prepare the pages for titles, keywords and
descriptions for the search engines using our SEO Plugin, and change our settings to release the
website to the search engines.


Time: 9am to 5pm

Cost: $450 Plus GST

What to bring:

You can bring your own Laptop or iPad as we will be connecting to the internet and doing some online research during the class. We can provide a small Lenovo Laptop for you to work on in class if you don’t have one available.

We will provide tea and coffee facilities and there are toilets on site.

Course tutor: David Partis