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Google AdWords Fundamentals

1-day course

Get a basic overview of the main principles of AdWords and some key areas to focus on when creating or managing AdWords campaigns.

Google Analytics Fundamentals

1-day course

Gain a better understanding of Google Analytics and how it can be used. Learn about basic set up through to the basic reports.

SEO for Small Business

1-day course

Get to know the basics of SEO. This beginner course covers the main principles that make up the most important factors of SEO.

How to Start an Online Business

1-day course

Gain an understanding of the essential areas of starting an online business, from developing the right product or service, to building the right online platform and getting your website found on the internet.

WordPress Bootcamp

2-day course

Learn the basics of WordPress as an Open Source Content Management system. Gain experience in setting up a premium theme and using Plugins, and build a real-life example of a working website.